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Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program

Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program

The Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is the only program in New Jersey — and one of only a few in the nation — designed to help individuals recover after COVID-19 infection or treatment. Our outpatient program is tailored specifically to the needs of individuals who contracted COVID-19 and are no longer infected, but are experiencing ongoing post-COVID symptoms and side effects of COVID-19 treatment.

Conditions We Treat

Our program provides coordinated care for long-term complications of COVID-19 infection and treatment, including:

About Our Program

The Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program provides comprehensive treatment tailored to an individual’s unique needs and symptoms, promoting recovery after COVID-19 infection and treatment. Most patients participate for 3-6 months, but treatment may continue for a longer period of time depending on each patient’s needs.

Individuals can access the Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program in two ways:

Some health insurance plans may cover the Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program, but individuals should check with their health insurance provider to find out if program participation is covered. In addition, individuals may contact the Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program directly to see if their insurance carrier provides coverage for the program. Some health insurance plans may require a referral from a health care provider.

Our Team

Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program team members include: